Friday, April 17, 2015

We Talked Today

We talked today.

Not in the “let’s catch up.” Sort of way.
But the “this is your last chance.”

Standing next to the water. Toes dipping just above the edge.
I could fall in. But I can't swim.
I wonder how deep it is.

It wasn’t him this time. It was me. Maybe I feel guilty.
Maybe I know that he is right.
He is sorry.
It wasn’t his fault.

It wasn’t mine.
I fought.
He ran.
Maybe I resented him for that.
Not for leaving. But for going back to something just as bad.

Sometimes, I wonder how he’s doing.
What he will amount to. I run it over and over in my mind.
Is there something that I could do to help him?
Does he just need an opportunity?
Or does he need a miracle?
Because I’m a little short on those lately.

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