Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Best Of Me

You've got the history of generations in your eyes.
I'm the kind of train wreck that you want to survive.
We keep saying it's only a matter of time,
Until you'll get the best of me.
I'm a rolling stone, you're a crashing wave.
We're a classic tale set in modern day.
Love like that doesn't get to stay,
Unless you have the best of me.
Distance builds a bridge for miles and miles,
I'll get over it as we climb higher.
Because we've never listened to a word of the wiser.
Still, you want the best of me.
So I'll tear down these walls built up,
I'll bring you in and with any luck
You'll love me like my love is enough.
And you'll find the best of me.
Because you showed me how to love again,
How to release the pain - and let love in.
I've fallen in love with my best friend.
I'm giving you the best of me.