Friday, April 17, 2015


I went down to the lake the other day hoping that I’d find a dreamer.
There’s an empty space where your thoughts used to circulate, and my
reasons make less sense than before.

I’m still tough to love after all this time. Your heart says it’s time to try something
a little easier. So you've packed your bags, found an ocean wave, and planned a trip
into the setting sun.

It’s just like you to hesitate, and it’s like me to be in over my head. Of all the things
I've forgotten, you’d think I’d remember this feeling. We've been here before;
a step too close. For years you kept that door shut between us.

Your neck is strained from glancing between coast and home. Sometimes the things
we don’t say resonate the most. You ask for space, overwhelmed by the expectations we
let cultivate. They hang like fog in all the empty places. 

I steady my breath and speed my hand – there’s not much time to reach you. Because,
lightning never strikes the same place twice and I've heard love is the same. You’ll come
back around when it’s way too late, only questions unanswered could save us.

As you read this your blood runs cold, uncertain. Besieged by promises and broken pieces.
The reality is heavy, the past is dark, and I’m more than just someone’s distraction I once said 
that I’d beg, but I meant your pardon. I’m sorry you see the trees and not the forest. 

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