Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Death of a Flower

My breath floats up around my face, disappearing into the cold dark air.
This sort of thing would never happen in Los Angeles.
These tears dry before ever reaching the tender part of my cheeks.
I never thought you would do something like this.

And you never thought I would find out.
Women are seen, but never heard…
But I heard her loud and clear.

Large but harmless.
That was you, right?
The grizzly bear, with pawing hands.

Her entire life was wrecked..
The way she feels now, when touched by a lover.
The way she can't open up to another.
            You destroyed a world not yours to change.
And lied about it to appear her insane.

She cringes at a gentle touch.
She cries whenever alone.
And ten years later, she can’t share
            Without pushing her eyes to the floor.
The memory takes her too far back where she had been before.

Is this why your son finds his fingers where they shouldn’t be?
Like father like son.

She was a child.
Not a pair of gloves.
When you pluck a flower,
                                                      It dies.

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