Saturday, February 15, 2014

So She Said

It’s 12:34 am which means technically it is no longer Valentines day. “Was mine good?”, you ask? Incredible. She made me heart shaped ravioli, decorated the ceilings with polka-dotted valentines décor, and bought me flowers and tickets to Universal Studios for all of 2014. I’m a spoiled little bitch.

Ok… maybe I’m not a bitch. I’m far from it. Lately, all I’ve realized is how damn sensitive I am. My authoritative advisor doesn’t like me, so I cry about it. My mother loves to spend hours on the phone reminiscing about my childhood, I cry about that. And my best friend's all live over 3,000 miles away… I cry about that too….

But something new is happening. Something great, and wonderful, and exciting. I am growing, both within myself, and also within my craft. Two years ago I sat in the office of Stephens President Dianne Lynch with a Prezi online story board of my likes and dislikes. I had no guidance. No direction. Just a few hopes, dreams, and a whole lot of life experience telling me I wanted something more...

It was her who called it out.

“You want to know the thing I see on this page that has the most things in common?” she said.

“You want to write.” I think I might have either chuckled, or stopped breathing.. Looking back now, both appear to be logical responses. Telling a blue collar construction workers daughter that her final destination would be sharing stories is like telling a farmer he should pull up his crop and build a baseball field.

Crazy as it seems, it worked in “The Field of Dreams.”

I knew she was right. I didn’t know what that meant, or how to do it, but I knew I wanted what she was suggesting. So I set out on an adventure from Missouri to California. I grew from a Midwestern college admissions counselor, to an industry intern, to a Loveable Scoundrel, as my boss has coined the title, thankful for the opportunity to learn and produce.

But tonight I want to tell you about something a little different…

Something new and exciting. Something deep and sort of wonderful if I do say so myself…

I’m creating a website. It’s my latest and greatest endeavor thus far. One I am happy to share with all of you, and one that I think is truly what I am supposed to be doing at this time. I have two incredible designers building it as we speak. It will take a few months. (These things aren’t easy. Especially if you’re a broke 24 year old girl with no web designing skills, however… they have me covered. What is it you ask? The domain has already been purchased, now we’re just putting together the pieces.

The Graduates Guide will exist no more after the site is up. I will transfer over some of my better older material, but will shut TGG down. It was a great way to start, and to explore my passions, however I have outgrown my brand, and that project…. So She Said is so much more. I guess you can call it the GRADUATED version.

It will include everything from a blog, to original and other artist’s poetry. It will explore new female up-and-comers and cover interviews with fantastically interesting women. I will be sending out come-to-calls for charities and even  show auditions, as well as sharing the latest for my alma-mater Stephens College. It is women-centric. Something for ladies to turn to when nothing else in life makes sense.

I am putting my heart and soul into this site.

I am hoping that you put your hearts into it too. It premiere’s this summer. (Web-designers are like unicorns. Fucking magical, but do not question, and do not rush.) However, if you read this and tweet something with #SoSheSaid I will recognize you as an extraordinaire, and the first 30 people to share will get a shout out. Let's start counting.  

I love you each and every one. Particularly those who are going out of their way to support me and have since the beginning. Thank you… Truly.

P.S, Ellen Page came out today….. damn girl…. damn. That is all. 

Remember me, 

I'm Tennessee


  1. This sounds awesome! Congrats! Sign me up.

  2. Saw you on Tinder randomly and came here. Very inspiring ^_^ Good luck on the new website!

    - Alexis