Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Women: Armed and Dangerous

Tennessee Martin: Ladies, On January 10th the nation  met you both for the first time on “Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.” From that episode alone, it's obvious that you're both feisty, independent, and tough as hell! Tell me about your team!

Kirsten (@KY_Huntress91): Our team is the only ALL female team and we are very proud of that. We have only known each other for a short time of two years through our hunting interests. We really came together as one and I think we rock it on this season of Bigfoot Bounty!

TM: How did you ladies meet in the first place?

Shaney (@Huntress731): Kirsten and I met a few years ago at an outdoor expo in Birmingham Alabama where we both worked a booth for a company we Prostaff for called Just for Does. It’s a salon quality human scent eliminator company specifically driven to make products and apparel for women in the outdoor industry. We all know in the hunting industry that human scent can ruin a hunt. Kirsten and I have been great friends since and remain close even though we live so far from each other. 

 TM: Where are you both from?

S: I am originally from Maryland but during filming lived in Slidell Louisiana and after filming moved to my fiancé home state of North Carolina... Kirsten is from Kentucky!

TM: You weren’t Bigfoot Hunters before the show, however you are hunters, correct? Big game, small game, or both?

K: I like to say if it has a season I’ll hunt it. I love hunting all game, big or small.

S: That’s true. It's pretty safe to say we hunt everything. Deer, turkey, bear, waterfowl... I'm pretty sure we both would love to hunt more if we had the money and time!! Haha!! I really love turkey hunting, and I know we both love fishing too!  I specifically love offshore fishing, and I've fished in the Poor Girl Open, an all women’s fishing tournament in Ocean City Maryland supporting breast cancer. 

TM: A lot of people think that Hunting is a male sport. What is your response to that?

K: Hunting is dominantly a man’s sport, but female hunters are on the rise. They are growing and getting better all the time. I’d put my money on skilled avid female hunter, such as myself, before I would a male any day.

S: Women are becoming more and more interested and more and more involved!!! They listen better and want to learn. They let their guards down and don't think they know everything..... They are open to learn every time they are in the woods. I've had several guides at Outfitters where I've hunted who've all said they like to take women on hunts becausc they listen better and are more appreciative of everything. 

TM: What made you decide to be on the show?

S: Kirsten called me up and asked me if I was interested. Honestly, I thought she was pulling my leg. Ha!  

K: I was contacted to be on the show because they were looking for more female hunters. I took the challenge because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I love adventure! I also wanted to show a woman’s technique and skill in the woods. What better way to use all your hunting skills than hunting an elusive beast?

TM: What was it like being the only female duo?

 K: I think being the only all-female team is awesome. A lot of people will underestimate us. In the hunting industry that’s really common to be underestimated, just because we are women, but we can keep up with the boys and even out do them. I think everyone is going to be in for a rude awakening when they realize we mean business.

S: Yeah, in the hunting industry, we are use to it! Anytime I go to an Outfitter for a hunt or an expo, I see men....Everywhere!! There are more and more women getting involved in the outdoor industry everyday. And that's kick ass!!! We are hoping to get women more exposure in the sport and hopefully help to promote women’s self confidence!! (Besides, growing up in a house with 3 brothers, I am really used to it!! )

TM: So what got you both into hunting?

S: Both of my uncles on my dad's side hunt. They always have. They always had great stories and made it seem fun! However, they never took me... I guess they didn't think id be interested.... Guess because I was a girl lol!! They took my younger brother instead. He never stuck with it. Then, a few guy friends from the neighborhood I grew up in Baltimore MD took me turkey hunting and deer hunting ten waterfowl hunting.  Turkey hunting got me hooked!!! 

K: I actually got myself into hunting about 8 years ago. No one in my family hunts and it’s just something I picked up on my own. I had to teach myself everything I know with research and friends along the way. I’m very happy with my successes in hunting.  It’s a very rewarding feeling when I harvest an animal and to know I did it all by myself, even the processing.

TM: Do you see yourselves going on other Bigfoot Expeditions in the future?

S: Honestly, I've been out in the woods hunting since the show and I find myself looking for more than  the "norm". I have definitely been invited to some Bigfoot Expeditions and haven't turned them down!! 

K: Although, Bigfoot hunting was fun, I think I’m going to stick with hunting animals I know exist.

TM: Fair enough! Ha. What was your favorite moment during this expedition?

S: My favorite moment during the expedition was spending time with Kirsten; growing in a friendship and sharing in this experience with her. We overcame a lot as a team. Also, I got to see some of the most beautiful parts of this country!!!! The Pacific Northwest was breathtaking!! It was amazing!! I also met some amazing people and will have friends for a lifetime!!

K: All in all, I have to say I’m a huge traveler. I love to see different states and places, and by far some of the places we hunted were the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I’m a huge outdoors woman and love being outside even if I’m not hunting. I get stir crazy if I’m not outside at least enjoying the scenery.

TM: I’m the same way. You girls are awesome! You make me feel at home. I’m already a fan of Team Shaney and Kirsten. Shall we call it #TeamShansten? I know other people will be as well! What can we expect from you both in the future?

S: I'm not sure what we should call it... Maybe #TeamBadass!! Haha!!!  From me, you can expect more hunting and fishing, and more growth within the industry. I am on a few pro staffs and will continue to support these companies and help them grow in a positive light. I would love to get some sponsorships and would love to be apart of Just for Does TV show #DoeNation! I'm gonna keep hunting and scouting and traveling to new places to hunt and fish and experience new things as much as possible! 
And of course.... I'm gonna remain close to Kirsten and cherish this experience and our memories for a lifetime!

K: I think we have a bright future after this show! Can’t wait to see what the future holds! J

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