Monday, January 13, 2014

What Happy Feels Like

I drove home with my window down.
Kacey Musgraves singing Merry Go Round.
My hearts steady beating. Feels good to be here.
To be me again.

A steady days work.  Many boundaries lept.
And I know that letting go
of all those secrets that I’ve kept.
It’s what my hearts been needing.

So as I wash my dishes clean,
My mind blowing steam of it’s top.
I’m not angry, just pushing.
There are certain things I won’t give up,

And I know that it’s in me. That ambition
In my soul won’t let me stop.
Won’t be satisfied.
So I put these guards up.

Just high enough to make them
Stretch out their limbs… flex to reach me.
Because love doesn’t come easy.
I never thought that it did. Yet I let it be.

Instead of pushing for me I let it go to far.
Fell in love with a star in the sky.
Another generation, another question why
I choose partners like my mother did.

A happy thought, but nothing stable.
I’m sure you’d love me if you were able
It's harder now, I know your hearts true.
But lately I think I'll never be complacent enough for you. 

I am the peak of the mountain,
no matter how high it is.
I might not be the greatest, but I’m
Better than I’ve ever been.

And all I’ve got is time, until it runs out.
As long as I’m trying, as long as I give it everything.
What more could I ever ask of me?
I am all that I can be, and still learning.

I welcome change. Understanding.
Tonight I sat on my couch thinking,
I want to read a book about a President.
One of the good ones. If there have been any.

And maybe on Saturday I’ll go for a jog.
She’ll take a breath I won’t see in this degree,
73 is easy to be free in. To believe in.
If faith were weather, we’d be in the highs.

I’ve stood on mountains and in valleys,
seen land across the seas.
But I can be just as happy, here 
Cornered In my little piece of heaven.

This idea, swirling inside of me
I’m free... and I want to save the world,
But as hard as I try
sometimes it’s me that needs rescuing.

So a hot cup of tea, and a window rolled down
It makes all the bullshit settle to the ground.
And there you’ll tread lightly on top of the world,
Because nothing can stop your happiness, Girl.

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