Friday, June 13, 2014

Other Side of Greatness

You bust your ass.
That’s what it takes.

Not this millennial bullshit where everyone wants to get rich, without actually doing anything.
Life is work.
Where’s your damn spirit?

If you don’t wake up every single day trying to do better, then what are you trying to do?
Four years I spent in a small town that was so small minded that my principal paddled me for being gay.
My mother sat in the room as he brought the board down across my oversized “men’s jeans” pockets.
That was the day that she realized my sexuality wasn’t the problem.
They were.

Their lack of compassion. Love. Understanding.
Tears rolled down her cheeks, and her anger rose.

My Senior yearbook quote read:
“Never live life to prove others wrong, only to prove yourself right.”
I guess even then I knew I would be ok. They could hurt my feelings, but they couldn’t break my spirit.

My mother wanted justice.
And she found it the day I walked across the stage with a BFA in Film from one of the finest women’s colleges in the Nation.
However, we didn’t do it in spite of them.

We did it because life is too short not to chase every dream you’ve ever had.
I packed up my entire life, moved across the nation, and pursued a career I didn’t actually know how to acquire.
That’s why you work. To learn. To grow.
To give your life meaning. To achieve something. Everything.
The point of life is to change your opinion. To test your limits.
And to be kind along the way.

Today a young woman emailed me asking if I could read something she had written.
She said she’s been reading my blog for over a year now.
I was honored.
The fact that I have gotten to share this journey with so many of you is incredible.

I started work at Warner Brothers on Monday.
It’s captivating.
The things that I’ve learned, seen, experienced… Even in four days.
My first day at lunch and I saw Hannah Montana’s TV brother getting Poquito Mas.
Thought about asking him for her number… but… decided I’d wait until I bumped into her somewhere on my own.
It’ll feel more natural.

This really nice guy explained to me how to place my order.
We struck up a conversation and he shared with me that he worked in film.
I asked if it was anything I might have heard of. His response?
“Maybe? Hunger games…?”

Sometimes I have to stand still and look up into the sky. Take a deep breath.
Just to prove to myself that I’m not dreaming.
I look forward to tomorrow.
To waking up to a job that makes sense. With script notes, and episode outlines, and daily cuts of footage.
My boss said to me today, “We’re a team here. We do this together.” 
It was one of the most powerful things that anyone has said to me before.  

Push yourself… You’re worth it.
And as soon as you start believing that, other people will too.
Go out there.

Prove yourself right, and I'll see you on the other side of greatness. 

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