Thursday, January 2, 2014

Get out of your head, Girl.

Get out of your head, Girl.
It’s a dangerous place in there sometimes.
Like a bar with all the chairs pulled out from under the tables.
You stumble your way through the maze, searching for the answers,

But girl, you still don’t understand the questions.
And you’ve not had the puzzling experiences it would take to put these pieces together.
The best you’re ever going to do is remember to take a deep breath
And think before speaking.

Your tongue is sharp, and your mind witty.
The words that you choose can bite, and blood will be drawn,
Because you think like your mother.
And you’re jealous like your father... As hard as you try not to be.

The street lamps flicker to the beat of your heart. The cold
Biting at your toes.
You raise up your arms to the sky and hope that it lifts some
Of the pressure off your soul, because it’s time.

I know that days like this seem harder than others,
And I know that it’s not fair.
But fair is a place with cotton candy and roller coasters.
And you’ve never been a fan of clowns.

So roll those words around in your mouth, and if they’re salty
Do not spit them out. It’s not worth the price that you’ll pay.
This time it’s different, you’re older, you know better.
And this time she’s worth not letting go.

Because it’s not her fault that you’re broken, and she could
Never in her life understand.
There is a history haunting you that you no longer recognize,
One that you’re certain could never have been you.

You wonder how in the world you turned out alright.
And then wonder if alright is what you really are.
You’re doing your best, Girl. Your heart is in the right place.
And she knows what she got herself into.

The warning signs are there. Hanging from your love handles
And crooked smiled. Your perfect imperfections screaming
“Look at me.” Hoping that’s all she ever sees.
You couldn’t handle anything deeper.

Maybe that’s why this works.
Maybe that is why you are comfortable.
The explanation isn’t necessary. Your heart is safe.
Maybe that’s all you ever really needed.

Someone to see your flaws, and accept them.
Someone to tell you it’s okay to not be okay,
But that you have to suck it up anyway.
And someone to hold you through it, while pushing you along.

Still, you don’t have the experience to know what you need.
Every day is another lesson, and you’re closer
Than you have ever been before.
So don’t give up. Don’t let go. Give whatever this is a chance.

Because you never know what you’ll regret until you do.
And you’ll never see a rainbow if it doesn’t rain.
So take a deep breath, and tell her that she’s beautiful.
Even on your cloudiest of days. 

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