Sunday, January 26, 2014

All Real Love Is The Same

MY 100th POST! 

"I'd like to thank the academy." Blah, blah, blah. Now, a new poem for you guys… gals. 



Sir, I understand your attraction, but 
this hand that I hold is no side show attraction.
And your reaction is disrespectful, not only to me
But to her, so when you stare please don’t linger.

Look over your shoulder if you have to, but for the sake
Of her insecurities, please wait until she’s passed you.
Because the last guy like you who made a comment
Almost threw a wrench into the girl that I love.

It’s not so easy to be yourself
in a world where you’re told that you're
less than someone else. But I’ve had practice.
Still, this lovely woman is quite new at this.

Being herself. Not ready to come out,
because the world is a scary place.
She’s not ready to tell her friends or family,
They might not let her plead her case.

It was an accident. She didn’t mean
To feel like this, but that’s another story.
Her father, will he love her? Will he
Ever think she’s normal?

All the questions I grew up asking.
And now she asks them to herself.
It pains me to watch her ask them,
Accepting answers from everyone else.

And I know that she’ll get past it, like
she’ll walk right on by you.
Because soon there will be no more asking 
If we deserve love like you do.

Whether or not society thinks we’re fit
To be mothers who can safely love their child.
Or if I’ll ever be allowed by the country I was born in
to walk a woman down the aisle.

Because Sir, I am not damaged,
But I’m afraid your perception is.
Your views are old and dated,
And you’re teaching them to your kids.

Who are picking on other children,
Yelling things like fag and queer,
I know because I heard them
through my tightly covered ears.

I’m absolutely normal,
And she’s absolutely great.
If you’d take just a moment, you
Might see it on her face.

This girl really loves me, in a way
you might never have been.
Which could be half the problem,
Since you’ve never let love in.

My relationship doesn’t scare you.
You’re afraid of the unknown.
If you don’t understand it then it
Certainly must be wrong.

But love at all is beautiful,
A truly remarkable thing.
Someday you should try it,
Because all real love is the same. 

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