Thursday, August 29, 2013

To Her

I wish that I could show you just how beautiful you are.
Show you all the strength emitting from your scars.
I wish that I could tell you about all the things I see
When I bask within your eyes, the depths where others flee.
I wish you could comprehend the genius that is you.
Your clever wit, simple soul and vast depth astound me too.
I wish that you could read everything that’s on my mind.
You’d find yourself exhausted of seeing your name a thousand times.
I wish that you believed that you were worth more than you do.
I guarantee there will never be a more deserving one of you.
I’m waiting for the day where you pick up the phone.
Dial a familiar number and tell me I was right all along.
I wish that I could share all your worries, doubts and grief.
Not that you can’t handle it, you’re stronger than you think.
I can tell that you’re hurting by the things that you say.
You’re exhausted, you’re broken, you’re fading away.
But if I put it in writing the words are no longer mine.
You’ll have them if you ever need a quick line.
So while you’re out there searching this world for reprieve,
Know that I wish you everything, and you’re the world to me.

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