Thursday, August 22, 2013

Piece Of Heaven

I got this little piece of heaven on the shady side of town.
I’m barely making a living, not letting people down.
And it’s incredibly lonely with all these people around.
Remember to repeat their names.
Pretty sure that no one knows me. I’m that girl in number nine.
And my life is never ending, when I’m working for a dime. 
And you’d think by now I’d have it all in line,
But nothing is ever as it seems.
Sometimes I wonder if you’re still mine.
Nothings forever, and that’s not enough time.
The taller the mountain, the harder the climb.
And I don’t want to love you… but I wouldn’t mind.
So I’ll feed my heart, my soul, myself, my dream.
I’ll do all the things that make me free.
Cause I need reason, and you’ll need me.
So catch a dream, and set fear free.
It’s just a little place  on a stretch of black top.
Somewhere round’ the corner from a couple bus stops.
So climb on in and head this way.
It’s not a lot, just a place to stay.
With independence comes a price to pay,
And I suppose my price was you.
The skin to skin only lasts so long.
The touch grows cold after you’re gone.
So my efforts go towards moving on.
And on, and on I go.
Because I gave it all a shot one time.
My heart and soul were on the line.
She loved me ‘til she met that guy.
In his boxers on her bed.
I guess I lost my heart that day.
She threw all our love away.
And now she isn’t even gay.
Well damn, that’s just my luck. 

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