Monday, November 19, 2012

What I Want

What I want.

I want to walk down the street without looking over my shoulder. I want this in every city. Not just for myself, but for everyone.

I want to hold hands anywhere I go. Not everywhere. Sometimes it’s not necessary or appropriate, but I would like the option. I would like to be able to hold hands anywhere.

I want my efforts to be reciprocated in work, love, and life. I want dedication to be universal, and “the right thing” to be law of the land.

I want to create. I want to leave my words behind, my art, and for someone to look back and say “That girl got it.”

I want to feel the passion of a love song, and see the results of a happy ending. Mystical I know, but I think it’s possible between two like-minded people who are willing to put their pride away. While sometimes pride can be a good and honorable thing, other times it just makes you immature and ridiculous.

I want to believe in love again. I feel like more often than not, I’m the “Bridesmaid” and not the bride. I would like to be on the end of the relationship where all of my friends are sick with jealousy.

I want to know what happened to Kennedy. The real story. Not the one our government shared.

I want to own an art gallery. I want it to double as a restaurant. This is a long term dream. Nothing I’m rushing into, I just like to think out loud.

I want to meet a slew of British Gingers. Adele, Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint, Prince Harry. Seriously, Britain has the coolest gingers on the planet and I want to meet them all out for a hot beverage. We can call it Ginger Tea.

I want to climb a mountain. Bottom to top, I want to do it. Not particular on which one… as long as it’s tall.

I want to live in the same city as my mother. It’s been almost six years since that’s happened. I miss her.

I want to work with Jessica Chastain on ANYTHING. I’m beginning to think I just like red heads.

I want to meet Jessica Lange. (Maybe I’m into Jessica’s too?)

I want to master the art of recognizing warning signs. I mean when I’m out in a public place, when I’m walking home alone, when I’m weary about dating someone, and when I get too close to someone (even family). I want to be able to recognize ahead of time if there is anything suspicious or problematic.

I want to forgive. Despite my efforts, sometimes I still find resentment that I’ve held on to even for the silliest of things. I want to let it go. All of it.

I want to do my best at anything that I attempt. I’m not saying I have to be THE best. I just want to be the best that I can be.

I want my little brothers to grow up somewhere that they’re not taught to discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, religion or race. Although my parents try, the surrounding community is making this difficult. Despite the growth of our country, there are still places where this is a problem.

I want to hold the hand of my grandmother again. I want her to recognize me, and call me “Dahling.”

I want to cross the point where the atlantic meets the pacific, and I would like to do so by boat.

I want to hold a panda bear. An incredibly insane amount.

I want to be alive when there is a female President, multiples if possible.

I want to see an openly gay performer perform at the Grand Ole Opry. Better yet, I want to see Chely Wright.

I want bullying, gay related or not, to disappear. It’s hard enough being sixteen.  I mean do you remember the awkward way your body changed, pimples and puberty? Times are TOUGH for teenagers. They don’t need any other assistance from each other. That kind of change starts with us. The way we treat each other. The way we treat those younger, and older.

I want to write a love song.  Those are always difficult for me. Break up’s are more my specialty.

I want to get married, and it be legal in every state. 

I want to look back at my life 77 years from now, content, and ready. Yes. I intend to live a hundred years.

And that… Although somewhat seemingly unrealistic, is what I want. I dream because it gives me something to look forward to and something to strive for. I live in the now for the pursuit of tomorrow.

Just something that I thought I’d share with you all today.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

- Tennessee

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