Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Listen closely.
The sound of rain falls gently on the windowpanes.
This window pains me.
I see you shamefully glancing through the reflection.
Still glancing through the melancholy memories.

To see is to believe and to believe is to conquer.
So much more than meets the eye.
I try to compromise your demise, but you fight harder than before.
I’m on the floor, but I pick myself up.
It’s enough to make me thank you for the tragedy you’ve embraced me with.
Without you I wouldn’t know there’s room to grow, there’s a chance for me to be.
I can see the difference that it makes to take your life and run with it.

You compel me to try. I justify all the lies.
When really it’s a pleasing rendition of the truth that I use in my own departure.
So smart, you’re the girl who knew what to say in the ways that she laid it all down before me.
My heart beats. It’s unique to the sound of yours.

I’m so sure.

That I love you.

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