Sunday, September 30, 2012

Listen to the Beats of Their Hearts

Life is kicking in.

I am developing a routine. I know what I’m having for lunch virtually every day. I take the same streets to work in the mornings. I know that on Sundays I post for The Graduates Guide and study for my internship. I’m adjusting in my career, but also in my social life.

I’ve met so many cool new people lately. It’s been great.

One thing I have brought with me to L.A, is something Bug (my best friend in Columbia) graced me with. The ability to listen. The ability to open up my mind and connect with people just for the experience. Yes, I do a lot of networking out here because this industry is so large, but I also like meeting other people that I have virtually nothing in common with. On the other hand I have everything in common with them. They’re genuinely nice and interesting people.

Tonight I went for coffee with a new friend. I only met her this evening, but I call her a friend because I know we will hang out again. She’s cool and interesting. She talks about things that I know nothing about like law enforcement, Kung Fu, and playing piano. I on the other hand talk a lot about film, and writing, and the South. Somehow we entertained each other. It was nice at times to not be the one talking. To know that there are other people out there with interesting things to say. I’ve said it before. Everyone has a story. This Blog isn’t just about me. It’s about everyone and everything through my perspective. I feel almost inferior.

When I speak to someone, they share with me significant moments in their lives. Even if it’s about hobbies or work, etc. Everything they share is a time or moment that they lived through. It is a part of their emotional, physical and mental make up. What they say can tell you who they are and why they’re that way. I’ve also found you can learn the same thing from the silence. I’ve tried to listen carefully to who I am. I like knowing that I’m fine with sharing my inner thoughts, but also listening to those of someone else.

It inspires me. Not even necessarily in my career. I find other people to be intellectually stimulating. They make me think. I assess characters like most people do food menus. VERY CAREFULLY.

As I pulled into my apartment building tonight, a mother and her three kids who live below me were pulling up in their SUV. One of the kids had a book bag. The other was dribbling a ball. The third had his head somewhere else and sprinted a head of the group. A street vendor in front of our apartment blew an air horn. She walked up to him and bought dinner.  Today was the first day I’d seen him around our street, so now I’m curious what he serves. I couldn’t help to think though, how neat it was. He is selling her dinner. She has a life, a family and a career and lives 15 feet from me, yet I don’t know her at all.

There are millions of people on this planet with their own story. Ideally I’d love to hear them all, but I think I want to challenge myself. Maybe I’ll try to hear three new stories a week. Meet three new people. I feel like trying to push one a day is a little unrealistic. I don’t want it to be a chore. I just want to have interesting conversations. I want to see what it’s like in the day-to-day lives of other people.

Even now as I write, I’m lying on my bed listening to classical music. I like doing this sometimes… just to try something new…

What I found is I really like “Piano Sonato No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor (Moonlight)” by Beethoven. Even that tells a story to me. It sets a mood that I will relate to for the rest of my life. I will look back on the time I blogged about listening and hear this song. I’ll be at peace with my nerves, and just feel the existence of more out there.

I must admit, I owe a lot of it to Bug. Then again, isn’t that the point. Everything leads to something else that makes up the moments that are right now? I believe so.





Remember me,

I’m Tennessee.

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