Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beethovens Symphony to You

I decided to write a poem…
Not just any poem.. A poem about you…

And not just any poem about you. This poem.

This poem.. Of all poems.

Would be written in front of Beethoven’s Symphony Number 3.

                                    (So here it goes.)

The sky it smiles upon us.
The sun cuts through the windows.
A happy chase.
They found me.
They met me with your arms for the first time.

You lingered back to find my bags, the nerves tampering with your heart.
Your heart pounding. We made jokes, and laughed softly the entire way home.
My hand rested upon yours.
Binding me to you.
My feelings gliding out, tying ribbons around your fingertips.

I felt them too. The nerves. Trouble breathing. I blamed it on the change of altitude.
Really I think you took me higher. Higher than I’d been before.
You took me.
My heart.
I knew.

When we stepped out of the car, we wheeled my things to your room.
I sat them down, and within minutes those tender pink lips were upon mine.
Your hands on my lower back. Holding me up.


                                                (As my legs nearly gave way.)

You bit down, and my body melted. Every muscle tensed, like an uncontrollable chain reaction.

The music drifts down now…..

I can feel the tension disappear. The nerves subside.
I’ve known you twice a million years, and care not what you hide.
For now is a change of manner. And now is a change of pace.
To avoid an unnecessary banter, trust that you’ve met this place.

The place where our hearts began to unfold, and life happened all around.
So as we sat, arms opened wide, each others chests are what we found.
Chest to chest, nose to nose we came closer than before.
Skin to skin, and dream to dream, closer we could get no more.

I laid bare breast against you. You held me in your arms.
My breath it drifted across your neck, you wooed me with your charm.
Sweet nothings running through my ears. Hints of “Babe” and “Baby Girl.”
We lay there free unto the world, and let our love unfurl.

And when sweet kisses brought me down, from a place higher than star dust.
I felt the tingle of our release crossing through every bough from your touch.

And afterwards you held me. Gentle kisses on my face.
I knew within that moment there’d never been a safer place.

You were the girl I was meant to find. The one to call my own.
I had waited all this time, and knew finally I wasn’t alone.
I’d waited all my life to love with tears and laughter.
I’d waited even longer for a happy ever after.

So if there’s a chance you might be mine, why wouldn’t I check to see.
Why wouldn’t I encourage you to want to be with me.
I may not be the best one yet, but I work harder everyday.
And I promise I’ll always consider every word you have to say.

I’ll never leave you lonely, if you promise me the same.
And ill do my best, to pass the test, if there ever is a game.
For you’re the one I’ve waited on. The girl who is all mine.
You’re the voice I’ll listen to forever, ‘til the end of time.

So I’ll gladly take you by the hand, and walk you proudly by my side.
An honor to be with such a wonderful she, this girl, this love, this life.