Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let Love Live

I want to make a difference.

Every day when I wake up, I immediately begin thinking of ways to do that very thing. I’m no saint, but my mother taught me from a young age that the point of life is to love and be loved. I live by it. We do the best we can, and when we can it is always the best.

About two or three times a week I will get a blog comment, tweet or email asking me questions along the lines of life and love. One of the most common questions I get is “How can I make a difference? How can I inspire others the way that you/ your blog has inspired me.” Honestly I think that it’s different for everyone, but ultimately it all goes back to Love.

Love yourself. Love each other.

Support one another and encourage others to do the same. It doesn’t really matter which medium you do it with. Me personally? I write. It’s what I’m passionate about. It’s what I love. Others make videos. Some people do spoken word poetry. Some people use art, and photography as their means to spread love. A lot of people love, and you never really realize it because it isn’t right in front of you. A kind gesture, or caring thought is really all it takes.

A few weeks ago I received two free roses for no reason. Instead of taking them home and admiring them myself, I snuck into the office a few minutes early and slipped them in front of the door of a few of my co-workers spaces. I didn’t tell them who they were from, because frankly I didn’t have a reason to. I just did it to brighten someone else’s day. Could you imagine if everyone did something every day that was selfless and kind? Hopelessness would eventually wither away.

It’s really easy to spread hate. Negativity catches like wild fire and spreads with no encouragement. It takes very little respect or morality to bash someone or something, but to stand up for yourself, others and the things you believe in with dignity… Now that takes effort.

Ultimately to change the world there is one thing that we all have to do. We have to let love live. That doesn’t just mean for gays and lesbians. It’s for everyone.

That’s why I was so excited to find that somewhere out there was a guy who felt just like I did. Who saw life in the same terms as myself. Not only was there a person, but an entire company.

Who is this mystery company you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

Let Love Live is a clothing company founded four months ago by a very inspirational man named Collin Higgins. When I asked him to describe “Let Love Live” in his own words he replied “Let Love Live” “promotes the message of positivity. We live in a society today that likes to focus on the negative and bring one another down. Our goal is to be uplifting to our friends, family, and strangers anywhere we come in contact with them. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, your gender, race, sexuality, religion, or disability. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, kindness, fairness, and honesty. John Lennon said it best “ All We Need Is Love “.” Collin refused to take all the credit for the company’s foundation simply because he believes the picture is much bigger than himself. I agree, (but frankly I still think this guy rocks).

Not only is “Let Love Live” promoting a positive message and giving us cool clothes, but 10% of all of its proceeds go into funding other uplifting non-profits. There are companies like Chic-Fil-A who offer funding to Anti- Gay groups, and organizations like Westboro Baptist Church who receive funding to hate… well… EVERYONE. These companies are in the public eye daily due to their hate and negativity. Hate spreads. It doesn’t need any help. Hate generates more hate, and before you know it everyone is pissed off, blaming each other and in a really crappy mood. Why ot give some credit and publicity to a company that is spreading the wealth to LOVE.

“Let Love Live” has carefully selected a few very great causes to support. Collin shared with me “Right now we are working with two great young non-profits. The first one we have chosen to work with is Bands That JAM for Africa. It is part of J.A.M which stands for Joint Aid Management. Their mission is to help feed and educate young kids in Africa.

The second non-profit is Rock Out Autism. They help raise funds to help support programs that have the focus to raise awareness and create programs for both young kids and adults who have Autism.

What is neat about both Non-profits is they were both started by young high school aged kids who had a passion and went for it. Both organizations do yearly concerts to raise funds, and both have made great strides so far.”

Now if you know me, (and a lot of you do through my blog) you know that the thing that I am most passionate about is the rights of LGBTQ people. This is where Collin really caught my attention.

“We are still searching for one more non-profit to work with. Our goal is to find a LGBT organization that has a focus to help young adults through struggling times. We want to support an organization that reaches out to help make a difference not only in the young adults’ life but is there for family support.”

Finally. Someone gets it. It’s not just about being gay. It’s not about being Christian, or Caucasian, or Female. It’s about being human. It’s about being supportive to your fellow (wo)man. It’s about sharing love with someone regardless of what they are, and instead loving them for the type of person they are and the way they represent themselves. It’s about coming together as one and LETTING LOVE LIVE.

We can all make a difference. And you can start now. Let Love Live has agreed to give a 10% discount to any customer that Mentions #TheGraduatesGuide or #Tennessee in their order. Again, another 10% of that order will go to non-profits to promote love and equality for all. When is the last time a t-shirt gave you something in return besides itself? By purchasing ONE SHIRT, you are standing alongside every other individual who fights for something in this world. You are showing your support for LOVE, and INSPIRING others to do so, while also financially supporting other organizations who support the things that matter most to you.

On August 1st, an insane amount of people stood out in parking lot’s across the country waiting in line to financially support a company that is against gay rights. Well I have to wonder… If that many people came together to support Love and Equality, would we see a change in this world? If they supported the study of Autism and it’s causes, if they supported the humane care for African children. If people everywhere supported LOVE, what would this country be like? What would this world be like?

Keep in mind that they only started up four months ago. By supporting this independent organization, not only are you helping them send out the message that love is the most important thing, but also grow as a company. Every dollar earned allows them to get more creative with their designs, create more intricate work and include other pieces that fit different styles. You could be a benefactor in helping a company start from the ground up, and carry a bright new message all the way to the doorstep of every human being.

It also helps them give the support to other organizations that is needed to change the world that we live in. So please, if nothing else, check them out. If you like what you see, or like what you’ve read then do something crazy. Make a purchase. Represent. Change the world. LET LOVE LIVE.

“A small act of kindness or a positive message to someone can start a chain reaction, we challenge everyone to begin their own chain and hope that one day it can link back to them.” – Collin Higgins

 (Don’t forget to include #TheGraduatesGuide or #Tennessee into your order for your 10% discount!)

And be on the look-out for pictures of myself rocking my TWO new Let Love Live shirts. (They are currently en route to me as we speak!)

Thank all of you beautiful people for finding interest in my words. I have very much enjoyed being a part of your lives.

Remember me,

I’m Tennessee.


  1. Wow... someone who gets it! I ran into your blog through twitter and to be honest I'm really glad I just did. I stand behind your heartbeat in this post and agree... it's about loving people for people. Period. Love isn't complicated....people are and we've allowed that complication that happens through life and heartache and wounds to create walls and hate groups and the "us" & "them" mindsets. Love doesn't see color or gender or sexuality it sees people desperately desire it's companionship, desperately desiring to be heard, and desperately desiring to be wanted. If we all just took a breath and made just a single effort every day to share that kind of grace with another human being the world would rapidly change.

    Keep posting -

  2. You have a beautiful heart. Please tell me what the term "Graduate" in "Graduate's Guide" refers to?
    thanks & Love,
    Eric in Colorado