Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness

I had an interview this week to continue the job I’m in right now. It’s interesting, because on the one hand, I like my job and want to stay. On the other, I really miss California. I miss my friends. I miss the waves. I miss walking down the street and just feeling small.

Keep that feeling in mind because I will address it later.

I really think I just miss the possibilities. After leaving my previous employers, I tucked my tail and got the hell out of Dodge. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I wasn’t sure how to continue. Instead, I followed safety back to Tennessee. That lead me safely to Missouri, where I remain.

Los Angeles, when you look at the big picture, is a big step. The city lights. Everyone is trying to make it. When you begin to break it down, it’s a series of communities pushed together, rows of apartments, and in each one is someone different with a story. When I think about my friends alone, I realize that 2 are on a reality tv show, one is working with Chelsea Handler, one is designing lingerie for an independent label, and then two couples are going through all the same arguing and petty bullshit that the rest of us face on a daily basis. It’s all pretty normal except that their careers are just a little more.. “unreal”. However they’re all amazing and absolutely normal. They’re great at what they do. They followed their passion and that’s where their passion took them. It makes me wonder where I would be right now if I just driven the two short hours to LA and couch crashed until I found a job.

What would I be doing? Would I be happy? I’m happy now, but about different things. It’s unreal how one decision can change our lives in such drastic ways. East or West. That’s all I asked myself, and here I am.

I met up with two of my good friends from College last night. Girls that I met Freshman year, and that I remained close with throughout. The one thing we talked about was the thing that’s been on all of our minds. Adulthood.

Lo is a television broadcast reporter in Texas. While she enjoys her job, she is missing something. Sam just got an amazing opportunity to move to L.A. She is going to work on a feature film and help edit another on the side to kick start her already existing career in film and television. However, she too is missing something. So am I. So is Rachel in the Ukraine, and so many other young women I went to school with.

We’re missing each other. In school we argued over who had to walk across the quad to the other one’s dorm. We complained about climbing three sets of stairs to hang out. I would climb a set of stairs all day to have us back together again. When we don’t know what we have, we take it for granted. That’s why I encourage each of you to assess what it is that you have in life, and everything that you want. Appreciate what you’ve been given and how many experiences you’ve been able to enjoy.

I mentioned on twitter “You spilled your coffee? Got Toothpaste on your pants? Your scarf got caught in the car door? Wow. You’re blessed. You can afford coffee, toothpaste, and a car.” We have to look past all of the disappointments in life and put a positive spin on them. Our attitudes are the attitudes that will be adapted by the next generation. We have the capability of making a difference in the future, with as little effort as a positive outlook. You have to experience life as long as you’re living, so why not enjoy it?

If we started that mindset early on then we would be much more productive. I truly believe that a person’s demeanor is a reflection on how successful they can become. (Not how successful they are, and not in every case.) Some people with terrible attitudes, get really lucky and become extremely wealthy, but it’s rarely an emotional success. Others become monetarily and emotionally successful, but are then jaded by the industry they perform in. Some people however, dream. They dream big. They smile, and they work hard, they love and they grow. These people are the ones that I suggest we emulate. What you’ll find, is that these are the happy people. Even if you’re never as wealthy as Oprah, what is wealth if you don’t enjoy it. I had rather be emotionally blessed than rich. I want to be happy.

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